Lives, costs and reputations depend on van drivers.

Drivers of 15-passenger vans take the lives of their passengers and themselves into their hands when they get behind the wheel of a passenger van. Whether for hotels, colleges or universities, or churches, safe, proactive 15-passenger van drivers not only save lives, they also preserve reputations and lower costs for their employer.

Improve van driving skills with Drivefleet.

Drivefleet’s 15-Passenger Van Safety online driver training course is designed to help 15-passenger van drivers learn about commercial passenger vans and van driving safety. In this course, students learn about the responsibilities of a 15-passenger van driver, the characteristics of a passenger van, preparing to drive (including the safe and courteous loading of passengers into the van), driving the passenger van, and handling emergencies. Students will earn a certificate of completion upon successfully completing all modules and the final exam of the online driver training course.

Interactive courses keep learners interested.

Drivefleet’s online courses have powerful interactivity to keep students engaged in the learning process. All through the course, we ask students about the “why’s” and “how’s” of proactive driving, not just the “what’s”. Through active student engagement, learning is enhanced. The payoff? Better, safer passenger van drivers and lower costs for employers.

For more information on Drivefleet’s 15-Passenger Van Safety course, view the sample screens below or watch a demo video.

15-Passenger Van Safety 1 15-Passenger Van Safety 2

Time to complete course : Approximately 25-30 minutes

Price : $12.00 (Contact us about corporate/government pricing)

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